Gum treatment Singapore

Gum Treatment Singapore

Gum treatment in Singapore is mainly centred on controlling the infection of your gums, which involves the clinical process of deep cleaning, scaling root planning, etc.

Gum Treatment

About Gum Treatment

Gum treatment is mainly centred on controlling the infection of your gums. A typical treatment would start off with the process of deep cleaning, which involves scaling and root planning to scrape off tartar gathered above and below the gum line and to get rid of germs or bacteria that thrive on tooth roots.

For more severe gum disease, your dentist may also recommend surgical procedures, such as flap surgery, where he or she would lift back the gums and remove tartar deposits that have gathered in deep pockets. This surgery would make cleaning the area easier for you and your dentist. In addition to flap surgery, bone and tissue grafts may be performed to regenerate any bone or gum tissue lost to periodontitis.

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Along with this, you must maintain regularity in following the hygiene regimen. Gum Treatment Singapore ensures that you have long-lasting effects that can make you feel confident when smiling or talking.

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