Orthodontic Mini-Screws or
TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device)

Temporary Anchorage Device

What it is:

TAD is a small metal screw which acts as a temporary anchorage device to assist with complex movement of teeth.
This mini screw implant is beneficial as it can move a tooth without affecting the position of surrounding teeth.
The procedure usually only takes about a few minutes and stays in place for a few months until desired movement is complete.

Cases that require/ benefits of TAD:
  • Fixing deep overbites
  • Closing up spaces where teeth have been taken out
  • Closing open bites
  • To avoid surgery
  • To avoid extraction of teeth
  • May also help with shortening of overall treatment time.
General Questions
Is TAD as painful as it looks?

No, the screw insertion itself will not cause much pain. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the gum prior to the insertion. However, there might be a slight tender feeling for 3-5 days following the adjustment due to fixation of the braces. (Not too sure if I have gotten this right.)
No local anaesthetic is required during removal of TAD screws. The healing process only takes a few days without any discomfort.

How do I take care of it prior to insertion? :
  • Be careful not to brush too harsh around the mini screw.
  • Do not use an electric toothbrush when doing so.
  • Use mouthwash to rinse around site of screw for the first 5 days to prevent infections.
  • If screw feels loose or braces becomes detached, contact us immediately.
  • If you feel any irritation due to the screw, orthodontic wax is recommended to reduce any sort of friction. Do not hesitate to contact us in regards to this issue.At Garden Dental, we are proud to offer this treatment option as Dr. Robin Baek is one of only few in Singapore who attended the prestigious Yonsei University International Mini-Residency for Advanced Orthodontics where TAD orthodontics are intensely covered. Please call for a consultation today if you are interested in TAD braces!

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