Is a Molar Dental Implant Right For You?

Is a Molar Dental Implant Right For You?

Smiling is the only thing that can double up your confidence in huge gatherings, and this will make a memorable last impression. Regarding oral hygiene, brushing your teeth properly and flossing after every meal are essential. This will also minimise dental issues like cavities, other teeth, or gum infections. You might damage your molar teeth if you do not maintain oral hygiene. But through this blog, you will be acknowledging how you can make the molar function correctly.

Moreover, tell me about the cost of molar implant so you will know before visiting the clinic. In this blog, you will also learn about dental implants and how to correct them during the implantation process. So, continue reading the blog.

What is the function of the molar?

Molars are the teeth that crush and chew plant foods into easily swallowable and digestible chunks. Humans typically have three on each side of their upper and lower jaws, making 12 molars. Your stomach can digest food more quickly when it is into smaller bits, which these teeth facilitate. In addition to that, molars also assist you in maintaining proper positioning of the jaws.

What Are Molar Dental Implants?

After knowing about the functions of the molar, it might be easy for you to understand why dental implants are essential. So, dental implant molars are like anchors for replacement teeth. They are specially designed to replace missing molars. The large teeth at the back of your mouth are used for chewing; dental implants are crucial in maintaining proper chewing function and oral health. If a molar is lost due to decay or trauma, it can adversely impact your ability to chew correctly. Dental implants serve as prosthetic roots that surgeons operatively insert into the mandible to support the development of a new molar tooth. The implant ensures stability and guards against problems like movement or bone loss by imitating the natural tooth root. A skilled professional fits a lifelike prosthetic molar onto the implant to restore normal function and complete your smile. Dental implants in the molars provide a healthy, appealing way to restore the efficiency and ease of chewing.

Can dental implants replace molar teeth?

Numerous technologies, whether from medical advancements or technological machines, play a role in helping individuals maintain their health. If confusion persists, consider dental implants a viable option for replacing missing molars. The answer is yes; you can return the molar teeth with dental implants. When decay or injury causes the loss of a molar, a durable and natural-looking replacement is provided through a dental implant. A titanium post, resembling a tooth root, is then placed into the mandible. Over time, the implant and the jawbone fuse to form a solid foundation. After the healing period, the implant is completed by attaching a custom-made prosthetic tooth or crown. This will also prevent bone loss when a tooth is missing. Dental implant for molar are a dependable and long-lasting solution for replacing molar teeth and restoring both function and look, even though the operation takes some time and entails surgery.

How much does a molar dental implants cost in Singapore?

As a matter of fact, before going for the treatment, it is essential to know about the prices. A dental implant molar cost approximately SGD 4,000 to SGD 7,000 in Singapore. This cost includes the crown’s installation, the abutment’s attachment, and the implant. In addition, sometimes the cost of a dental implant molar also depends on the clinic’s location, the dentist’s experience, and the type of dental implant you are taking. It is important to remember that extra charges can be incurred for diagnostic exams, consultations, or other required pre-operative care.

Summing it up

This blog has mentioned all the information about dental implants and how much a dental molar implant can cost. It is also essential to know the prices of the surgical process before analysing the dental molar implant cost with the different clinics. In addition to that, also note that maintaining oral hygiene will help you stay away from further infection in the jaw and the teeth. So, it would be best to identify the dental problem and the primary cause so you can get to the dentist early. Failure to replace the molar may result in a lack of proper functioning.

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