Parents’ guide to toddlers’ teeth care

parents guide to Toddler 's teeth tips

Parents’ guide to toddlers’ teeth care

Brushing Teeth Tips

Use Fluoride toothpaste
Brush twice a day
Recommended to supervise toddler’s brushing till they are 7 years old
Let them watch you brush your teeth


Give them sugary food/drink before bedtimeLimit the time use for “Sippy Cups” as prolong use keeps teeth soaked in sugar
Don’t let them fall asleep with a bottle/sippy cups
Avoid using the words like “ hurt”, “ painful”, “scary” when educating them about dental hygiene to decrease the fear of visiting the Dentist in the future


Make the routine fun by singing or have a reward chart for when they brush
Get a stepping tool to help them reach the sinkIntroduce them to Dental Visit as regularly as possible. Start young!
Keep it fun! Use a reward chart!

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