What Are Immediate Dentures?

What Are Immediate Dentures?

An immediate denture is a temporary or same-day denture, a prosthetic denture inserted in the mouth after one or more natural teeth are removed. These immediate dentures support teeth until the permanent dentures are ready. Here in this blog, we have the answers you seek for your questions.

What Is The Timeline And Process Of Immediate (Temporary) Dentures?

Immediate or temporary dentures are temporary attachments for patients undergoing extraction or dental surgery. They are specially designed for a temporary period for immediate replacement after extraction and then replaced with permanent dentures afterwards. Immediate replacement helps heal the gums faster until you wait for the permanent dentures to be placed. But the question is how long you must wear the immediate dentures. However, it can depend on many factors. But you should know that everyone is different from others and has a different healing process.

Many individuals may need immediate dentures for a month to allow the gums to heal properly and the mouth to adjust to dentures. However, some may only need them for a few weeks. So, it usually depends on the tooth’s condition and how many teeth are extracted. In severe cases, the dentist suggests wearing temporary dentures for a year.

However, placing the immediate dentures can be uncomfortable. Your dentist will create an impression for customization and use anaesthesia to manage the pain and discomfort. Then, extraction and placement of immediate dentures will be done. Once the dentures are inserted, the patient may have slight pain or sores on the spot. The patient may experience excess saliva production, an imperfect bite, and difficulty speaking and chewing.

Slowly, the mouth adjusts to the dentures, and you will soon feel comfortable. You can see the immediate dentures before and after dentures images to get a perfect view of how it will look.

What Are the Benefits Of Immediate Dentures?

There are many benefits of Immediate dentures, including:

Offers Convenience

Immediate dentures are placed immediately in your mouth after a tooth extraction or surgery, reducing the need for temporary dentures or adhesives.


Immediate dentures can improve your smile’s appearance, giving you a more confident and natural appearance.


Immediate dentures can be more cost-effective than traditional dentures, reducing the need for temporary dentures or adhesives.

Faster Recovery

With the placement of the immediate dentures, your tooth extraction site can heal quickly, providing immediate support and stability to the nearby teeth and gums.

Better Long-Term Fit

Immediate dentures, designed to adjust to the healing jawbone and gum tissue, can provide a better long-term fit than traditional dentures.

Reduced Risk of Oral Health Problems

Immediate dentures can help reduce the risk of oral health problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay, by providing a stable and secure dental appliance.

How Much Do Immediate Dentures Cost?

Understanding the financial aspect is crucial. So, how much do immediate dentures cost? The cost can vary depending on several factors, including where the procedure is performed, the dentist’s fees, and the type of denture material used.

Factors that can vary also include the cost of immediate dentures, including the number of teeth being replaced, the complexity of the denture design, the type of denture material, and dental implant placement. It’s important to consult with an immediate dentures near me dentist to get a personalized estimate of the cost of immediate dentures based on your specific needs and treatment. To see how it will look on you, you can also see the full immediate dentures before and after images.

Can immediate dentures be permanent?

Depending on the type and the person’s requirements, immediate dentures may qualify as a form of permanent denture. Immediate dentures are inserted into the mouth right after a tooth is removed while the jawbone underneath is healing. The denture is created to cover the removed teeth’ uncovered roots and can stay in place thanks to its natural suction on the gums.

Immediate dentures come in two varieties:

The most frequently used type of immediate denture is acrylic dentures. Dentures are designed to occupy the space left by missing teeth, helping maintain oral health and staying in place thanks to the natural suction against the gums.

Second, flexible dentures are made from a substance that can mould to the mouth’s shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. They are also often called moldable dentures.

In certain situations, immediate dentures can be considered permanent, designed to last several years without demanding a replacement.

Summing Up:

Immediate dentures may not be the right choice for every individual. It may depend on the condition of your case. Consider consulting a dentist to determine the best type of denture for your particular needs and discuss the cost of immediate dentures. Book a consultation with us today!

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